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Ioetec secures the data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices and specialise in protecting resource constrained devices with limited processing power, memory and battery. We provide a secure communications link between sensors and users to provide confidentiality, integrity and authentication of IoT data to ensure that it can be trusted.  

Our solution provides authentication of devices and encryption of data and is true end-to-end security with data encrypted in transit and at rest and only available to the registered owner.  It is a ready to go, simple to scale, easy to implement and requires no specialised security expertise, and is available as a managed service or licensed solution.

Given that the purpose of IoT is to generate data for analytics, it must be trustworthy and authentic. And often these devices are installed in critical environments such as national infrastructure and safety environments. IoT devices are difficult to secure and with the increased usage of IoT the consequences of security flaws will be further magnified. It is our goal to provide an easy, cost-effective means of implementing data security for both new and legacy devices.

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