Warwick Ashford, (December 2017)

“John Tolhurst, sales director of secure cloud connectivity service Ioetec, said the company’s mission is to “save the internet of things”.

“We are entering the age of automated device communication or IoT, and this is great news for UK firms because that automation brings efficiency that will boost productivity and cost savings. But there is a problem because the majority of these connections are fundamentally insecure,” he said.

This represents a threat to the UK, said Tolhurst, because ultimately it will enable the “weaponisation” of the internet of things (IoT), and that weapon could be used to attack national infrastructure.

The lack of security also means that remotely maintained healthcare devices could be hijacked with potentially fatal consequences and child monitoring cameras could be hijacked to spy on children.

To address these threats, he said Ioetec has created a device communication platform specifically for IoT, using complex encryption and authentication protocols to ensure that devices can be connected safely and securely to the internet of things.

Although Ioetec already has some strategic partners, Tolhurst said the company is growing and is looking to increase the number of those partnerships, especially for collaboration on proof of concept projects, as well as investors.”