Secure by Design

UK Govt. DCMS ‘Secure by Design’ report closely aligns with Ioetec IoT cyber security platform.

London, March 7, 2018:  Ioetec, the cyber security platform for the internet of things (IoT), today welcomed the recent UK government Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport report into security of the Internet of Things: Secure by Design.

Ioetec CEO Mark Davies said ‘’This government has long recognised the vulnerabilities the Internet of Things bring to the United Kingdom and it’s work to ensure the UK is the safest place to live and do business online is closely aligned with the Ioetec ethos and our service.’’

Ioetec are a GCHQ Cyber Accelerator company, the biggest hitting cyber accelerator in the UK.

Davies continued ‘’Ioetec’s work in the field of secure IoT means that through our platform, a widely applicable solution to the 13 proposed Code of Practice criteria can be met immediately for device manufacturers and their distributors.’’

Ioetec provide a secure, universal, simple to deploy, scalable IoT platform to connect users to their devices securely, as a subscription service. Ioetec work directly with manufacturers to embed security into even the most resource constrained IoT devices.