The Ioetec Service

The Ioetec Service

As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows there are an ever-increasing number of interconnected devices gathering data on all aspects of our lives. Along with the technical complexities of implementing an IoT communications platform and scalable cloud infrastructure, there are concerns regarding the lack of security of these devices. It is increasingly important to preserve the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of data as well as safeguard against the dangers of these devices being exploited to launch cyber-attacks.

Security methods are well established for large central servers such as those used by banks, however due to the complexity of the mechanisms used to protect this data they are not always suitable for the small, resource constrained devices used for IoT. This has caused many manufacturers to ignore the problem and fail to implement adequate security and therefore suffer from security flaws such as weak authentication and encryption, default username and passwords, and poor update and patch procedures.

Ioetec Limited have developed an innovative solution to counter this issue – an end-to-end secure communications platform. As well as providing the communications and cloud infrastructure, the Ioetec solution uses encryption and authentication technology to ensure that data is secured from the sensor to the user. This removes the risk of existing vulnerabilities and provides security exclusively for the user, including privacy from third parties, and protecting data against malicious attackers, governing bodies and manufacturers.

The Ioetec solution is provided to the manufacturers to be included in their product so they do not have to design their own solutions. The service is free during development and only charged when product is sold to a customer and becomes live. Ioetec have a flexible charging mechanism including up–front fixed charges as well as ongoing charges for additional functionality.